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On January 23rd, 40 MPs asked the president of the House of Commons (Camera dei deputati) to establish a date to discuss a bill to change the present harsh drug law, the so called “Fini Giovanardi” law ( named after the names of the ministers who sponsored the prohibitionist shift in the previous centre right Berlusconi government). Among the Mp’s, there are members from both the “radical” and the “moderate” parties of the present centre left majority.

This step by the 40 members of the “Camera dei Deputati” is meant to urge the Prodi government to fulfil its promises and approve a governmental bill: in the centre left coalition’s political program, there is a clear commitment to change the Fini Giovanardi law, through the decriminalization of personal drug use as well as reinstating two schedules (Schedule I for hard drugs, Schedule II for soft drugs).

In November 2006, the Health Minister issued an administrative decree to increase the amount of THC to be considered for personal use, following concerns regarding the criminalization of young marijuana users under the Fini Giovanardi law.

Nonetheless, drug policy reformers argue that a more substantial shift in the legislation is required.