Fuoriluogo is distributed as a monthly supplement to the daily paper il manifesto and deals specifically with drug policies, justice and law enforcement at both national and international level. One of our main objectives is producing information on the most advanced drug policies carried out in European countries (pilot projects, scientific debate, etc.).
Fuoriluogo was the first medium to inform Italian readers on such topics as heroin treatment trials, safe injection rooms, party-drugs pill-testing programs, etc.

Fuoriluogo is edited by the Italian organization Forum Droghe, which has been involved in the reform of drug policies from a pragmatic and evidence-based perspective.

Since it was established in 1995, Forum Droghe has acquired a large amount of knowledge and expertise, particularly in the field of harm reduction policies in European countries.
It has sponsored or co-sponsored many conferences and seminars all over Italy. In the last few years it has been lobbying for a new drug law to be passed by Italian Parliament and against the crackdown on drug users threatened by the Berlusconi government.

Fuoriluogo is also available on-line. Fuoriluogo.it provides reliable and up to date information and documentation on a wide variety of issues (drug legislation, cannabis decriminalization, harm reduction policies, medical cannabis etc.). In fact, it has been recognized as the best Italian website on the subject, meeting all quality criteria with a 100% rating. Those criteria were established within the frame of a project funded by the UE Commission for Public Health in 2002, aiming at creating a European gateway to drugs and alcohol documentation.

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